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Meet Jennifer Beich


What would it feel like if you could be really you -

authentic, transparent, raw, and real?


Are you hiding behind a mask that only shows the world how you have it all together and are strong? Sometimes those masks serve you well, yet deep inside you long to be free from the pretense and pain that you carry around.


You may not even realize you do this and yet your body is giving you signs that something is not right. Maybe your body feels anxiety and shame that overwhelms you, or perhaps real rest and peace are foreign to you. Do you feel a need to cling to your mask, or something else as an escape, in fear of judgement, criticism, and not being accepted for who you really are? 


What if I told you that you don’t have to hide behind that mask anymore and that peace is possible? Every part of you is welcome in my office and I strive to help shine light into the dark corners of your life.


Brain + Body in healing is my passion and through a neurobiological foundation (with learning to speak the language of your body), you just may experience profound true, lasting, life change you never thought possible. Real. Bloomed. Healed. Whole.


I LOVE the brain. Yes, I want you to know all about your brain too. Through a foundation in empirically supported neuroscience-based treatments, such as Brainspotting, I am able to help you organically, gently, and holistically break through the darkness in your life to find healing for your mind, body, and spirit. My heart is for adult women and the unique challenges we face in life and relationships. I specialize in treating the trauma that seems to enter all of our lives in one way or another.


I can’t wait to journey alongside you on your path to a

neurologically bloomed new life.


brain + body healing

A unique and foundational way to heal.

Brain + Body

What a phenomenal brain you have. Did you know that there are 1 QUADRILLION connections in the human brain? Did you know that research is showing that what lives in your brain also lives in your body? Neurobiology proves they are totally connected. The body provides the felt experience of what goes on emotionally in our brains. I marvel at how we are created and whole-heartedly believe that we must include both the brain and the body in counseling if we want to truly heal at a foundational level. This approach is not only research-based for healing, but exciting to clients when they begin to feel relief in ways they never knew existed.  


“Where you look affects how you feel” is the power in Brainspotting. Through your field of vision lies a connection to parts of your subcortical brain that are greatly non-verbal and non-cognitive. This part of your brain may house the foundational cause of your struggles in life, and through neurobiologically-informed methods, we have found a way to access them. My passion in therapy lies in the miraculous power of Brainspotting and how it will change your life. The way out of your pain, many times is through; through what made you who you are today. With Brainspotting this process can be done with great support and compassion - organically, gently, holistically, and completely led by your own amazing innate ability to heal.

Parts Work (IFS)

Each of us have parts, and they are all there to serve you in unique ways. Yes, even that mean inner critic you may have. Some parts you may know well, others you may not. Through parts work therapy (otherwise known as the Internal Family Systems approach), you may discern a deep understanding as to why you are the way you are; discover compassion for yourself; and find great meaning in your life. This enlightening way to experience your true, authentic self has been empirically proven to provide lasting and comprehensive healing.

Counseling Theory

I am a person-centered counselor with a heart for helping adult women heal from and manage our unique challenges in life; all of our challenges, big and small alike. I specialize in treating trauma that inevitably comes in various ways to each of us, and believe in a strong neurobiologically-based system toward healing. I utilize eclectic counseling strategies that meet you right where you are at, as well as those that lead you to where you want to be. 


What if we approach counseling and therapy from a very foundational place, like how your brain and body function at a basic level? I believe that information changes things in your healing journey. Neuroscience involves the structure and function of the nervous system and brain, and neurobiology is concerned with uncovering of the biological mechanisms by which the nervous systems mediate, regulate, and affect behavior. 


Brain, body, and spirit create the most holistic foundation of one’s self. The spirituality in your life may look differently than mine, but it is of upmost importance to your healing journey and I invite you to authentically bring it into your counseling experience, free from judgement. For some, religion or spirituality may have caused woundedness, resentment, or deep pain in your life. Healing in this unique form of pain can be crucial in finding wholeness in your life, and I seek to provide a warm, open, safe place for you to find renewal in this area. Although, I do come from a Christian background, I invite you to wrestle with your beliefs freely, and transparently, as I believe that through the wrestling, your beliefs will be your own, and not just what you are or were supposed to believe at one time.     


When you’re in a dark place, you sometimes tend to think you’ve been buried.

Perhaps you’ve been planted.  



— Christine Caine

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Brainspotting Intensive - 120 min. = $200



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